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Starbuzz Original - 100g

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  • Starbuzz Original Line Apple Americano shisha tobacco brings a unique twist of apple to the table with its dry yet fruity flavor. When used in your hookah, it will remind you of dry candy with a slight coffee element to it.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Apple Martini shisha tobacco is a unique flavor that delivers the sweet, pleasurable taste of apples with the taste of a martini. Get thick clouds with strong flavor in every puff!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Blackberry shisha tobacco is a premium grade hookah product that delivers a nice blackberry flavor in every puff. For the sweet tooth in you, the taste is more like blackberry candy.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Blue Mist shisha tobacco provides an intense blueberry flavor in your hookah but does so with a cool, refreshing aftertaste. The slight inclusion of mint will leave your mouth tingly like a misty morning!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Blue Surfer shisha tobacco is a fine mix of blueberry, pineapple, and grape tropical-fruit flavors that remind you of those blue and white shark gummies you had as a kid. Get massive clouds with intense flavor from your hookah. Surfs Up!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Blueberry Grape shisha tobacco is one of a kind with its intense blend of blueberry and grape flavors. Each thick cloud from your hookah will remind you of mixed jelly, even if you have never combined blueberry and grape jelly!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Bubble Gum shisha tobacco features the combination of a hard candy coating with the taste of bubble gum. Enjoy the fruity blend of hookah tobacco that reminds you of a bubble gum machine.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Citrus Mint shisha tobacco stands out with its intense citrus flavor and the cool touch of mint. Get massive clouds out of every puff from your hookah and enjoy the tropical flavor.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Coco Jumbo shisha tobacco presents a strong lime flavor with a hint of coconut that delivers a satisfying Caribbean taste from your hookah.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Code 69 shisha tobacco presents a "sex-on-the-beach" flavor with an intense cola taste mixed with lemons and berries. Enjoy premium taste with thick clouds from any hookah.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Double Apple features the sweetness of red apples and the tartness of green apples plus a touch of anise to form a flavorful, big cloud with every puff from your hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Exotic Pink shisha tobacco provides an extra sweet, smooth raspberry flavor that entices the taste buds and produces massive clouds in any hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Flower Power For those that like a citrusy floral flavor, the Starbuzz Original Line Flower Power shisha tobacco fits the bill! This blend features a scent similar to Skittles but adds a floral, sweet taste to the mix.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Fuzzy Lemonade shisha tobacco is not your average lemonade blend. This hookah tobacco is more like a lemonade mist with a touch of mint that reminds you of summer fun! The taste is comparable to Lemonheads candy.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Fuzzy Naval shisha tobacco delivers a juicy, tropical peach flavor and provides thick clouds full of robust taste.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Grapefruit shisha tobacco delivers genuine flavor to the tune of fresh grapefruit. Enjoy a flavorful kick with each puff from your hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Hard Rush shisha tobacco delivers the rush indeed. It's packed with fruity goodness plus a hint of mint. The hookah tobacco blend incorporates spearmint, oranges, pineapples, and blueberries that provide a sweet and savory cloud.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Kiwi shisha tobacco focuses on the pureness of natural kiwi flavor. Get an intense, pure flavor in every massive cloud from your hookah. For kiwi lovers, this hookah tobacco is a perfect choice!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Kiwi Strawberry shisha tobacco combines the intense flavor of their original kiwi product with the fruitiness of natural strawberries to deliver a sweet and exotic blend for your hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Lemon Mint shisha tobacco is a premium mint and lemon blend that engulfs the thick clouds that are generated from your hookah. This flavor will remind you of Country Time lemonade!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Mango shisha tobacco delivers a genuine mango flavor with every puff from your hookah. Whisk away to a tropical paradise with every thick hookah cloud full of mango goodness!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Margarita shisha tobacco is a premium product full of intense flavor that reminds you of a night on the town. Each thick cloud delivers the fruitiness of margaritas with an intense citrus flavor!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Melon Blue shisha tobacco is a luscious combination of their Blue Mist flavor with melon. The fruity blend of melons, blueberries, and mint produce a nice chilled taste that is also considered to be frosty melon.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Passion Fruit Mojito shisha tobacco produces a unique citrus, passion fruit, and mint flavor combination that delivers a tropical experience with every thick cloud from your hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Pina Colada For the pineapple and coconut lover in you, the Starbuzz Original Line Pina Colada shisha tobacco offers a tropical taste with every massive cloud from your hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Pineapple shisha tobacco is another tropical favorite that delivers a rich and pure pineapple flavor in every cloud from your hookah! Mix it with other tobacco flavors for a unique taste!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Pirates Cave shisha tobacco sets the sails for big flavor through an interesting lemon and lime combination. Every thick cloud generated in your hookah will remind you of a lime margarita!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Safari Melon Dew shisha tobacco produces a cross combination of honeydew melon and cantaloupe flavors with a nice, sweet touch. Enjoy thick clouds from your hookah full of that luscious sweet-melon taste!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Sex on the Beach shisha tobacco generates a luscious flavor representing oranges and lemons. Enjoy the sweet yet citrusy flavor from your hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Sour Apple shisha tobacco drums up a nice sour-apple, candy taste with every puff from your hookah. The flavor will remind you of a green Jolly Rancher!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Spearmint shisha tobacco is great on its own or mixed with other flavors. This hookah tobacco delivers a strong mint taste with a nice cooling effect!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Strawberry Daiquiri shisha tobacco provides a nice, sweet strawberry flavor with the tartness of a daiquiri in every puff from your hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line White Grape shisha tobacco brings out that fruity burst that tastes like white grape juices that you've come to love. Its rich taste is similar to a grape candy flavor and every massive cloud carries the sensation!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Wildberry (a.k.a. Wild Berry) shisha tobacco intricately blends red raspberries with purple grapes to form a luscious, exciting burst of fruitiness. Get a wild flavor from wild berries in every thick cloud from your hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Wild Mint shisha tobacco presents a rich and tangy yet cool and refreshing flavor. Feel the sensation with every thick cloud out of your hookah! Mix it with other flavors for a unique blend.
  • Starbuzz Original Line Wildberry Mint combines the intense wild berry flavor of red raspberries and purple grapes with the tangy coolness of mint. Feel a burst of fruitiness followed by the cool rush of spearmint in every cloud from your hookah!
  • Starbuzz Original Line Winter Fresh shisha tobacco takes mint to a whole new level with its intensely cool effect from every massive cloud your hookah delivers! This intense mint tobacco will pack a punch!