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Fumari Shisha 100g

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  • Fumari Ambrosia shisha tobacco delivers a highly sweet and smooth melon flavor from every hookah cloud you generate! This one packs a super-sweet taste that sweeps you into a mythological world where Ambrosia is considered the drink of gods!
  • Fumari Blueberry Muffin shisha tobacco presents a sweet blend of rich and juicy blueberries with the sweetness of vanilla cake. For the sweet tooth in you, this one generates a deliciously massive cloud!
  • Fumari Caribbean Colada shisha tobacco will whisk you away into the tropical Caribbean world with every puff you take from your hookah. This tobacco best represents a Piña Colada full of rich coconut flavor with a sweet and tangy pineapple accent.
  • Fumari Double Apple shisha tobacco has its own unique flavor compared to other double-apple hookah tobacco out there. This one delivers an intense apple flavor with a lesser licorice taste due to its careful blend with anise.
  • Fumari Lemon Mint shisha tobacco delivers a citrus burst of lemon with the tangy coolness of mint. Feel the sensation out of every thick cloud your hookah generates!
  • Fumari Limoncello shisha tobacco delivers a citrusy burst that represents the flavor of the well-known Italian Limoncello liquor. Each massive cloud will remind you of that great flavor but without the bitterness that lemons deliver!
  • Fumari Mandarin Zest shisha tobacco is about as real as it gets to tasting real mandarin oranges. It's tart and sweet combination delivers the zest you want from every thick cloud your hookah generates!
  • Fumari Mimosa shisha tobacco recreates the tastes of orange juice in bubbly champagne by converting it into massive clouds full of flavor no matter what hookah you use!
  • Fumari Mint shisha tobacco is the perfect ingredient to other Fumari flavors, delivering a cool rush from the intense mint flavor it generates in every cloud from your hookah!
  • Fumari Mint Chocolate Chip shisha tobacco brings out the ice cream lover in you with its rich, cool mint flavor combined with chocolate chips. Each intense cloud that your hookah generates will remind you of that chocolate chip ice cream that everyone craves!
  • Fumari Orange Cream shisha tobacco tastes exactly as it sounds. This hookah tobacco packs an intense orange flavor mixed with a creamy rich taste that reminds you of an orange creamsicle every time you smoke it!
  • Fumari Passion Fruit shisha tobacco delivers the fruity and tart tastes of passion fruit with its brown-sugar sweetness. Each big cloud from your hookah will deliver a unique flavor that whisks you away to a tropical dreamland!
  • Fumari Red Gummy Bear shisha tobacco brings out the wild cherries and raspberries that a red gummy bear delivers. Each massive cloud you hookah generates will deliver the excitement of being a kid again!
  • Fumari Spiced Chai shisha tobacco is a luscious blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom with a creamy vanilla taste that easily represents Spiced Chai. It's so good your hookah will thank you!
  • Fumari Sweet Mint shisha tobacco is a sweet yet cool flavor that leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and tingly. The intense mint flavor in combination with a sweet taste comes out of every huge cloud your hookah generates!
  • Fumari Tangelo shisha tobacco is a unique flavor, derived from the Californian cross-breed known as Tangelo which is made from tangerines and pomelo grapefruit. Each intense cloud from any hookah packs a fruity punch!
  • Fumari Tropical Mango shisha tobacco delivers a genuine mango flavor without the candy taste that other brands or flavors present. Enjoy massive clouds from your hookah that deliver a satisfying, juicy fruit flavor to the tune of tropical mangos!
  • Fumari Tropical Punch tastes a lot like fruit punch or even fruit cocktail. Combine it with their Red Gummy Bear hookah tobacco and you'll really have a nice fruity adventure!
  • Fumari Tutti Fruitti (also spelled Tutti Frutti on some packages) shisha tobacco is a really fruity hookah combination with its intense cherry and raspberry flavors and touches of lemons, oranges, and more!
  • Fumari Watermelon shisha tobacco delivers the pure, sweet flavor of natural watermelons in every puff from your hookah! You might even taste a hint of candy and possibly some degree of mint!
  • Fumari White Gummy Bear (also spelled Gummi Bear on some packages) shisha tobacco delivers the intense flavor of watermelon with bursts of citrus that remind you of those white gummy bears. Each huge cloud in your hookah delivers that childhood flavor in style!
  • Fumari White Peach shisha tobacco is naturally sweet without that candy-like sensation. Each massive cloud generates a burst of natural white peach flavor!