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Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizers

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Concentrate & Dry Herb Vape Products

Our concentrate and dry herb vape and wax pens have been becoming way more popular lately mainly because they're easy to use and portable. We have a variety of concentrate vaporizer options including convection vaporizer and cartridge pen options. Some of our most popular brands are Exxus, Pax, Yocan, and many more will make buying a Vape device a lot easier.

We carry the best wax pens, convection dry herb vaporizer, and cartridge pen options for your smoking session whether you're at home or on the go. We've got all your dry herb vape needs covered with smoking accessories to go along with your device like grindersrolling trays. If you're not ready to switch yet, and you still prefer smoking the old fashioned way then we you're in luck. Shop for the best concentrate and dry herb vaporizers and accessories online or at any of our Atlanta vape shops today!