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Get to Know the Kudzu Art Zone and its Amazing Artists

Get to Know the Kudzu Art Zone and its Amazing Artists

Posted by Free Smoke Admin on Sep 4th 2020

Get to Know the Kudzu Art Zone and its Amazing Artists

The visual arts have always served as an essential looking glass into the cultures and practices of artists and civilizations across generations, all around the world. Preserving and promoting this exhibition and embodiment of cultural heritage, professional development, and economic growth is precisely the mission behind Kudzu Art Zone, a volunteer organization of artists focusing on “the support and advancement of local art and artists throughout the community.

A donation from the city of Norcross in late 2006 gave life to Kudzu’s home: a 3,200 square foot building equipped with a spacious gallery, space for workshops and meetings, as well as 8 artist studios. This building now holds 7 exhibitions throughout the year, giving an opportunity for local artists to be discovered and appreciated.

In addition to being a place to appreciate and discover art, Kudzu is currently home to seven wonderful artists. Let’s meet a few:

Angelika Domschke

Unfortunately, the worlds of art and hard sciences often stand nearly diametrically opposed. In the works of Dr. Angelika Domschke, however, such oppositions are simply ignored.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Domschke studied chemistry and, appropriately, is noted for “bringing her works to life.” With exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe, Domschke expresses herself through different mediums: illustrations, sculptures, and paintings. Additionally, Domschke has a soft spot for health education and enjoys bringing life to children’s books with her classical realism. 

Anne Labaire

The need to express ourselves and commit those emotions to a medium is not chosen, it is born within us naturally. In the case of Anne Labaire, it was born onto the walls of her childhood bedroom.

Labaire remembers how one pivotal day, she was confined to her bed: grounded. Taking a crayon and a bit of inspiration, she turned to the walls as her canvas.

“Look what you’ve done,” her mother exclaimed, walking into the room.

“Oh, Mommy. I’m so sorry,” responded Anne. “I should have used green!”

That comment landed Labaire into her very first art class the following week. Since then, she met her love in pottery, and years later has turned to acrylics and canvas after having to juggle her own projects with running a successful gallery. 

Betty Loud

If the inspiration doesn’t come to you, go to it. Betty Loud is an expert in searching for her inspiration.

Moved by nature and the outdoors, Loud draws her inspiration and energy from painting on site, in the company of the natural scenes she so masterfully captures. Traveling is a quintessential part of her work. She loves to visit and find the beauty in the southeast, California, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, and Thailand. 

Diana Dice

Bright and bold, Diana Dice hopes to show you the world as she sees it: in Technicolor.

Trekking through a transformative career, Dice’s original work was faithfully traditional. Her careful paintings and drawings were done excellently but, according to her, were unsatisfying. Experimenting and breaking this mold, Dice stumbled upon an explosion of colors that would come to form her characteristic palette. Dazzling colors disturbing tranquil settings, Dice warns not to expect a red brick building or a typical white house—she adds a “gleam of imagination to otherwise peaceful settings.”

Lynda Ellis

Illustration and fine art, abstract and figurative style—Lynda Ellis has worked her entire life to find a perfect balance, and a balance she has found.

Equipped with an art degree from Georgia State University, Ellis aims to connect the viewer with the subject, whether the subject be concrete or completely abstract. According to Ellis, playing with the temperature of colors helps her enhance the viewer’s experience, and focusing on counterpoints allows her to bring out the drama in a subject. 

Be sure to visit Kudzu during one of their exhibitions, and visit their website to stay updated on events and dates here.

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