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A Day Trip to Piedmont Park is Just What the Dr Ordered

A Day Trip to Piedmont Park is Just What the Dr Ordered

Posted by Free Smoke Admin on Sep 4th 2020

A Day Trip to Piedmont Park is Just What the Dr Ordered

Enjoying the outdoors is a peaceful and healthy commodity that has been slowly slipping out of our grasp. As everything from education to entertainment continues to adapt to our increasingly hyperconnected, technological world, simple things like taking a walk in the park start to seem less routine and more like a nostalgic memory.

Studies have linked park strolls and park visits in general to reduced anxiety and overall better health. In fact, comparing a trip to the park to a doctor’s prescription is far from hyperbolic; park prescriptions are very real recommendations from health professionals that help treat and prevent health problems.

Park visits are simple ways to reduce stress and increase physical activity, especially for people that are doomed to sit behind a desk for hours. Fortunately for residents of Atlanta, in the heart of Midtown lies a park with more acres than unleashed dogs know what to do with.

Piedmont Park stretches over 180 acres and is the perfect place to take a stroll, play some sports, or just take in a little bit of fresh air. Chances are you’ve been to Piedmont, if you have, chances are you were overwhelmed by all of the things you could do on your visit—don’t stress! After all, we’re trying to visit the park to get our stress levels down, right?

We’ve put together a list of activities to do at Piedmont Park that are sure to get you out and moving a bit, get your anxiety levels down, and get you a breath of fresh air. 

Take a stroll

Going out for a walk is a great way to get a little exercise in, and is also a fantastic way to clear your mind of stressful thoughts. If you plan on breaking more of a sweat, jogging and running are perfectly welcome as well.

There are plenty of trails to take advantage of on your visit to Piedmont. The Park Loop spans 3.9 kilometers accompanied by a beautiful view of the lake and welcoming to four-legged furry companions—as long as they’re on a leash! The 4-mile loop is another option that’ll take you past a lot of the park’s historic attractions, as well as modern features. 

Unleash the beast

As much as we love our pups, they can certainly grow incredibly restless at home. Taking them out for a bit of unleashed fun is great for their health, and great for your health as well.

With almost three acres dedicated specifically for dogs to be leash-free, your pup will have plenty of room to run around and get all of their energy out, and plenty of opportunity to interact with their furry friends. Benches are available for people that can’t keep up with their sprinting pups. 

Eat green

Our fast paced, modern lives often have us focusing more on what we can get done, what we can pump out, and not so much what we’re putting into our bodies. Some minor changes in our diets can do wonders for our overall health and energy levels, and visiting a green market is a great way to start making these changes.

Piedmont’s Green Market starts in March and offers fresh and local food alongside handmade goods. Apart from finding healthier alternatives, the Green Market is a great way to support local businesses! 

Jam out

Piedmont Park hosts many festivals throughout the year which bring great music, great food, and great vibes all year long. While festival food might not be the shining star of healthy blood pressure, going out and enjoying some good music in good company can be great for your emotional and mental headspace.

From the Atlanta Jazz Festival to the Atlanta Ice Cream Festival and Atlanta Pride, there are a handful of festivals and events to attend and enjoy at Piedmont. 

COVID-19: On April 28th, 2020, the Piedmont Park Conservancy posted on their website that the park is open with social distancing guidelines set in place. This includes no gatherings, keeping your distance from other park goers, and no team sports such as basketball and soccer for now. Visit their website to keep up to date on the restrictions and alerts: here

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