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The Seven Benefits of Vaping vs. Smoking Cigarettes

Posted by Free Smoke Admin on Jan 6th 2022

Is vaping better than cigarettes? Some smokers make the switch after discovering the benefits of vaping. At Free Smoke Vape Shop, we cater to a diverse range of clients from experienced users to first-timers. If you are thinking about changing things up, here are seven benefits of vaping vs. smoking cigarettes.

1. More Flavors Than Tobacco

A big advantage of vaping is simply that it tastes better. Flavored tobacco has been banned in many countries which gives vaping a monumental lead in the flavor department. A vape subculture has developed around mixing your own flavors from base vape juice mixtures, but you can also buy pre-mixed flavors that will hit your taste buds in just the right way.

2. Vapor Is Better Than Cigarette Smoke

In the neverending battle of vaping vs. smoking, you gotta give big props to the fact that the vapor produced from your mod doesn't linger like an unwanted houseguest. Not only can you get those big puffy clouds on exhale, but they also dissipate quickly and won't leave a bitter, stale smell lingering in the air. As one of the advantages of vaping instead of smoking, the lack of odor or lingering smoke is a big one for a lot of people who would love to smoke indoors.

3. Can Be Used In Public

Among the many benefits of vaping vs. smoking cigarettes, the fact that you won't be run out of town by a torch-carrying mob wielding pitchforks for vaping in public places has got to be counted as a pretty distinct advantage. While the heady days of yesteryear where smoking in a restaurant or even *gasp* a bar were permitted regularly, nowadays you're lucky if you can stand in open air and light up without getting a brick to the dome.

Vaping instead of smoking in public: significantly fewer metaphorical concussions.

4. No Harmful Chemicals When Breathing Out

One of the reasons that vaping is better than cigarettes is that secondhand vapor doesn't have the same carcinogens and harmful side effects that have been reported with secondhand smoke. While cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals and dozens of carcinogens, the effects of secondhand vapor do not show any unique negative health effects. While more research will be done over the next few years to verify these findings, the advantage of vaping right now is that it has little to no negative effects on those around you. The difference between vaping and smoking is that others can enjoy your huge vape clouds without worry.

Can Be Used as a Better Smoking Alternative

In fact, many people who quit smoking do so by switching to vaping. One of the most common reasons for using a vape is to help reduce or quit smoking altogether. While other nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) can be effective, nearly one-fifth of cigarette smokers who switched to vaping had quit entirely compared to only 10 percent of traditional NRT users.

6. Adjustable Nicotine Levels

One of the reasons vaping is effective as an NRT is that you can adjust the nicotine levels of your vape. The nicotine concentrates of vape juices can vary from 3mg to 6mg. There are even vape juice products available that have no nicotine in them, allowing former smokers to wean themselves off of nicotine addiction slowly over time.

7. Cheaper Than Smoking

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, among the many benefits of vaping vs. smoking cigarettes is cost. Vape mods are rechargeable and refillable so they can be reused over and over. The average smoker will spend $4,000 a year on cigarettes and other tobacco products. Annual recurring costs for vape users are batteries, coils and refills which, depending on how much you vape, can cost $250 a year or less. The actual savings will vary depending on use, but reports have shown that in addition to the positive health effects, vaping is far less expensive than smoking on average.

Get Started With a Vape Kit Today

You can get the advantages of vaping as well. Free Smoke Vape Shop has over two dozen vape mods and other deliverables to choose from to get you on your vape journey. If you are a long-time smoker looking to make the switch, we can help you transition into a cigarette-free lifestyle where you feel better and spend less. Get the benefits of vaping with a mod kit from Free Smoke Vape Shop.