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Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco - 250g Box

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One of the best selling shisha brands is Al Fakher. We carry all of their flavors for all types of people.

  • Al Fakher Two-Apple Shisha Tobacco 50g delivers an amazing flavor burst for your hookah using only high-quality, juicy tobacco. Enjoy the sweetness of red apple and sourness of green.
  • Al Fakher Berry Shisha Tobacco 50g carries tart and sweet hints of raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry flavors with high-quality, juicy tobacco for your hookah.
  • Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha Tobacco 50g delivers a sweet, blueberry flavor in juicy, high-quality tobacco that’s perfect for your hookah.
  • Al Fakher Blueberry Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g combines the sweetness of blueberries with the tanginess and tartness of mint. Enjoy its rich flavor with plenty of clouds.
  • Al Fakher Bubble Gum Shisha Tobacco 50g produces a sweet and fruity combination (similar to bubble gum) in juicy tobacco that produces big clouds and rich flavor.
  • Al Fakher Cherry Shisha Tobacco 50g combines the bitterness and sweetness of cherries with massive smoke and high-quality, juicy tobacco that you can enjoy in your hookah anytime.
  • Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g brings sweetness and tanginess to a whole new level by blending high-quality tobacco with premium cherry and mint flavors.
  • Al Fakher Chocolate Shisha Tobacco 50g lets you indulge in a chocolaty world that’s delivered by premium tobacco that produces massive smoke.
  • Al Fakher Chocolate Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g delivers the pleasures of chocolate in combination with the tartness of mint. This premium, juicy tobacco also produces massive smoke.
  • Al Fakher Citrus Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g combines the pleasurable tartness of mint with the sweet and tangy flavors of citrus oranges. This juicy tobacco is high-grade.
  • Al Fakher Cocktail Shisha Tobacco 50g is a premium grade tobacco that delivers a sensational blend of fruity sweetness with maximum cloud, making it perfect for your hookah needs.
  • Al Fakher Fresh Mist Shisha Tobacco 50g provides a luscious flavor combination of purple grapes, blueberries, mint, and a fresh mist taste to form a sweet and ocean-like flavor with big clouds.
  • Al Fakher Grape Shisha Tobacco 50g delivers a realistic grape flavor, unlike most other tobacco brands. Enjoy a sweet yet bitter grape taste from your hookah with maximum clouds.
  • Al Fakher Grape Berry Shisha Tobacco 50g offers premium grape flavor with tangy, luscious berry undertones that work great in any hookah and deliver maximum clouds.
  • Al Fakher Grape Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g combines the realistic flavor of grapes with the tartness of mint. Enjoy premium tobacco suited for your hookah that provides big clouds and maximum flavor.
  • Al Fakher Grapefruit Shisha Tobacco 50g delivers a juicy, sour, and sweet combination of flavor while also producing big clouds no matter what hookah you use.
  • Al Fakher Grapefruit Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g produces massive clouds in any hookah with an intense sweet and sour flavor in combination with the tanginess of mint.
  • Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g combines the biting flavor of mint with the taste of spearmint gum to form an intensely flavored smoke session with your hookah.
  • Al Fakher Jasmine Shisha Tobacco 50g presents a unique twist of flavor through an intense floral aroma, representing fresh jasmine blossoms. Enjoy massive clouds and good flavor from your hookah.
  • Al Fakher Kiwi Shisha Tobacco 50g is the perfect flavor that's fruity with tartness. It blends well with other flavors. Enjoy big clouds from any hookah and let the tropical taste sweep you away.
  • Al Fakher Lemon Shisha Tobacco 50g delivers bitter yet intense citrus flavor with massive clouds produced in any hookah. Enjoy fresh and naturally flavored hookah tobacco with a full-body taste.
  • Al Fakher Lemon Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g combines the power of citrus flavor with the tanginess and tartness of mint. This premium tobacco produces massive clouds and natural flavor in any hookah.
  • Al Fakher Mango Shisha Tobacco 50g delivers a sweet yet tart, fruity flavor that reminds you of a tropical environment. The smoke it generates in your hookah is big and the flavor is natural.
  • Al Fakher Melon Shisha 50g tobacco Enjoy the sweet and tangy combination packed inside this melon-flavored Al Fakher Melon Shisha 50g tobacco. Get massive clouds while you experience a superior product that's also juicy and naturally flavorful.
  • Al Fakher Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g is premium-grade tobacco that delivers medium-strength mint flavor and doesn’t overpower. It meshes well with any hookah and makes the perfect base to other tobacco flavors, delivering tartness and tanginess to the mix.
  • Al Fakher Mint Cream Shisha Tobacco 50g provides a minty yet creamy and smooth taste to your hookah. The flavor reminds you of the ice cream shop down the road.
  • Al Fakher Orange Shisha Tobacco 50g presents the intense citrus flavor of natural oranges and brings it to your hookah with maximum clouds and long-lasting performance.
  • Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g combines the intense flavor of citrus oranges with the tanginess of mint to give you a satisfying experience in any hookah.
  • Al Fakher Peach Shisha Tobacco 50g delivers the tangy yet sweet taste of real peaches within the immense clouds it produces. This premium-grade tobacco works perfectly in any hookah.
  • Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha Tobacco 50g offers you and your hookah a sour, sweet, and slightly tart flavor. The premium tobacco is long-lasting and juicy with natural flavors.
  • Al Fakher Rose Shisha Tobacco 50g provides a unique flavor and aroma that represents potpourri. Enjoy the floral essence of rose petals that deliver a soothing, fragrant smoke from your hookah.
  • Al Fakher Strawberry Shisha Tobacco 50g is your premium, juicy hookah tobacco made from real strawberries. Enjoy the sweet and tart flavor of natural strawberries in a cloud of thick and flavorful smoke.
  • Al Fakher Two-Apple Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g provides thick clouds from your hookah with a combination of sweet and sour flavors from natural red and green apples plus the tart coolness of mint.
  • Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha Tobacco 50g provides a smooth vanilla flavor with very thick smoke, unlike other brands. Enjoy a sweet, creamy flavor from your hookah that reminds you of a delicious vanilla cake.
  • Al Fakher Watermelon Shisha Tobacco 50g is made from real watermelons that generate a sweet, candy-like taste from your hookah. This premium-grade tobacco delivers thick clouds with maximum flavor.
  • Al Fakher Watermelon Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g mixes the amazingly sweet and candy-like flavor of genuine watermelons with the tartness of mint to deliver a satisfying taste from your hookah.

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