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What is a Vaporizer For?

What is a Vaporizer For?

Posted by Free Smoke Admin on Sep 1st 2020

What is a Vaporizer For?

Huge, pillow-y, clouds of smoke are becoming more and more common in our everyday settings, from the sidewalks to coffee shops and restaurants. While it’s clear that the vape trend has definitely taken off and is thriving, this might lead to a lot of us to wonder: exactly what are vaporizers for?

What they do, in simple terms, is heat up a substance that produces vapor to be inhaled by the user. These substances might be e-Liquid, wax, or even dry herbs, depending on each device. Exactly what vaporizers are for depends largely on each user. Let’s take a look at some of the big reasons people typically chose to vape.

Cigarette Alternative

Just as we’ve observed a growing trend in vaporizer use, we’ve observed a decline in public cigarette use, and this is largely due to health concerns that have been called to attention for hundreds of years now, and especially so in the last few decades. Pulling cigarette smoke into your lungs invariably does damage, and perhaps even more importantly, exhaling cigarette smoke can harm the people and the structures around you. Cigarette smoke stains and damages walls and furniture, and secondhand smoke does very real damage to the people you love and care about around you.

Since cigarette smoke raises concerns for both human and property health, implementing a smoke-free way to smoke seems like a logical step forward. Smoke-free smoke might seem a little oxymoronic, but that’s actually what vaporizers are, in essence. Instead of harmful cigarette smoke, vapers inhale vapor. Not only that, they exhale this same vapor that harms neither the people around them nor the nearby walls and furniture.

Quitting cigarettes, as we know, is no easy feat, and having to deal with inhaling smoke while getting your consumption under control makes it all the more stressful. E-Liquid that contains nicotine can help make the quitting process a bit less taxing on your body—while you work on regulating your nicotine consumption, you don’t have to worry about smoke occupying your lungs. Furthermore, a lot of vaporizers let you control the nicotine levels, which can help you cut down little by little.

In a more aesthetic sense, vaporizers can help simulate the aesthetic properties of smoking without the need to introduce smoke, or even nicotine. There are many different substances that can be vaped, and they all serve their own purposes.


At the end of the day, while there are plenty of reasons to enjoy vaping - most people do it just for that reason: they enjoy it.

Creating huge clouds of vapor is fun, as is pulling off smoke tricks. E-liquids and other substances are flavored, so every pull includes enjoyable tastes that can range from citrus to cotton candy and just about anywhere in between.

This, of course, can be as recreational as it can be medicinal and, just as with vaping as a cigarette alternative, helps you avoid harmful smoke form traditional forms of smoking. For this, some people prefer dry herb vaporizers. Dry herb vaporizers, instead of heating liquid or lighting anything on fire, work like a convection oven to heat and evaporate the compounds without combustion. 

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