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Difference Between Freebase Vape Juice & Salt Nicotine e-Juice

Posted by Free Smoke Admin on Feb 6th 2021

Differences Between Freebase Vape Juice & Salt Nicotine e-Juice

The vaping industry has been growing rapidly for the past few years. Because of its regularly evolving nature, markets get flooded with new devices each passing week. The devices have better battery life, changes in the coil styles among hundreds of other things. Recently, there have been some changes in the ingredients present in e-juice.

Vape juice and Salt nicotine juices are the most common options that most vapers use. If you happen to be wondering what the differences between them are, then do not worry. This article will explain to you what vape juice and salt nicotine juice are and the differences between them.

Salt Nicotine Juice

To understand what salt nicotine juice is, you may want to know about Nicotine salt. The word nic salt is often thrown around to describe Nicotine salt. It just refers to its scientific definition. When it comes to chemical terms, react acids with bases, and you will get salts as a result. So, to make things simple, nicotine salts form when combining pure nicotine as the base with different types of acids. Do not get alarmed when you read the mention of "acids."

Nicotine salts are naturally present in tobacco. Therefore, anyone who has had the experience of smoking a cigarette has had a taste of nicotine salt. For those who do not know, salt nicotine juice essentially lets you vape at high strengths of nicotine. One of its best advantages is the absence of harsh throat hits that smokers have to bear. Because of this, you will not vape as much as you used to, as you will be getting significantly more nicotine.

Therefore, if you love the feeling of getting light-headed without worrying about vaping all day long, Salt nicotine juice would be the best option for you. As mentioned earlier, high nicotine levels make your throat feel harsher. Because of this, numerous smokers find it hard to transition to vaping.

Vape Juice

In case you have not heard of the term vape juice before, do not worry. As box mods and personal vaporizers increase with each passing day, vape juice and e juice is becoming a big part of vaping all over the world.

Firstly,  vape juice, e-juice, and e-liquid are interchangeable terms for describing the same thing. The fluid used to create vapor in vaporizers is essentially known as vape juice. It comes in a variety of nicotine levels and flavors. You can even find vape juices with zero nicotine options.

Several ingredients are used to create vape juice. Some of them are water, food flavoring, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol. You essentially inhale and exhale vape juice during the process of vaping. As soon as the liquid heats up, its nature goes through a change depending on its composition.

Vaping acts similar to the way water evaporates when you heat it at high temperatures. It changes from its liquid composition and turns into steam. Your temperature preference and the vaping kit that you use, the vape juice heats in temperatures between 90 degrees centigrade and 200 degrees centigrade by transforming into vapor.

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