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The Best Vape Starter Kit | Discover Vape Kits & Vape Devices for Beginners at Free Smoke Vape Shop

The Best Vape Starter Kit | Discover Vape Kits & Vape Devices for Beginners at Free Smoke Vape Shop

Posted by Free Smoke Admin on Oct 8th 2020

Choose the Best Vape Mod Starter Kit Today

Vaping has grown into a significant phenomenon practiced by millions of smokers worldwide and only continues to grow in popularity. It's recognized as a healthier alternative to cigarettes and a more convenient, smoke-free way to inhale nicotine that doesn't bother the people around you. Vaping also has the added benefit of not being damaging to walls, ceilings and carpets of homes. Deciding to start vaping is easy, but choosing your first vape kit can be much more challenging.

When choosing your first vape device and kit, there's a huge array of options that can easily overwhelm and confuse beginner vapers. From tanks and box mods to juice and everything in between, the vast amount of choices and combinations can make that first purchase a daunting challenge. As a beginner, trying to start with the most advanced kit when you're just getting used to vaping can be more hindering rather than helpful.

Luckily, at Free Smoke Vape Shop, we're experts in our field. We've run through all the options and chosen our suggestions for the best vape starter kit and the best vape pen starter kit to take the stress out of your first choice.

Our Choice for the Best Vape Starter Kit

Our decision for the best vape starter kit is the  Geekvape Aegis Legend Kit. The Legend mod is waterproof and a very tough option – it's practically indestructible. This vape kit will also give you the Aero Mesh sub-ohm tank, as well as two coils, a 0.2ohm coil and a 0.15ohm coil. The tank has the bonus of being a hassle-free top-fill, too.

If you're vaping on low wattage, the 18650 batteries can last you all day, continuously producing huge smoke clouds at full flavor. It's a friendly setup for beginners but a polished and powerful experience that seasoned vapers will love, too.

An OLED screen on the front displays your battery life, wattage, voltage, and coil resistance, so you always know exactly what to expect from your kit. All in all, we'd recommend this vape kit to anyone, and it's more than friendly enough to be the best vape starter kit for beginners.

Our Choice for the Best Vape Pen Starter Kit

Starting with a full-on mod can be intimidating, even with a clear-cut suggestion. If that step seems a little big to take still, vape pen starter kits are a simple and much less intimidating way to get into vaping. Our pick for the best vape pen starter kit for beginners is the SMOK Vape Pen 22.

This small and sleek vape pen packs an enormous punch for its small price. The pen is equipped with multiple safety features to keep you and your battery safe. The 0.3ohm coils deliver big clouds and great taste, and usage is super straightforward, guaranteed headache-free.

The vaping world can be confusing to navigate, but a sleek, easy-to-use vape pen like the SMOK Vape Pen 22 can be a beginner’s best friend.

Free Smoke Vape Shop Carries the Best Vape Mod Starter Kits

At Free Smoke Vape Shop, we carry vape kits and vape devices suitable for all levels of vape smokers. We have a wide variety of the  best vape starter kits & starter vape pens at excellent prices for you to begin your vape journey. If you're a little more advanced, check out our full selection of vapes  here. And of course, we have a massive selection of e-juice that's expanding all the time. Visit our shop online, or check out one of our many locations.

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