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Why is Glass Good on a Pipe?

Why is Glass Good on a Pipe?

Posted by Free Smoke Admin on Sep 14th 2020

Getting into the smoking culture can be a bit overwhelming, especially with all of the different smoking apparatuses and customizable details. Out of all of the possible ways to inhale in style, you’re bound to run into vape pens, kits, and, of course, pipes.

Pipes often pick up a bit of a niche following thanks to their accessibility to artisan design. Pipes crafted from hand-carved wood or blown glass, if nothing else, are pieces of art. Within the pipe community, however, there seems to be a strong favoring of glass over other materials. To someone that’s just getting into pipes, the natural question is: why is glass good on a pipe? Let’s take a look.


Lighting up a wooden or silicone pipe is absolutely going to get the job done, but it’s also going to burn the pipe in the process. Consequently, the flavor you’re going to get isn’t only going to be from your herbs of choice, but also from your charred pipe.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you enjoy the flavor of charred wood, but it certainly doesn’t give you a pure taste of the herbs you’ve put into your pipe. If you don’t like the taste that your burnt pipe gives off, this is definitely an issue, and if your herbs are particularly fancy, you might not want any other flavors interfering.

A glass pipe, like this Grav Handpipe, as opposed to one made from another material, is much more resistant to heat and is not going to give off any extra or unexpected flavors. To truly get the purest experience of what your herbs taste like, a glass pipe is probably your best bet. On the other hand, the lack of wood char is not going to do you any favors in masking sub-par herb flavors. Give and take.

A Healthier Pull

When smoking from any apparatus, you should be conscious of what exactly you’re inhaling. Cigarettes and wraps carry the extra smoke of the paper, certain vaporizers might heat plastic components beyond a safe temperature, and a flame to a wooden or silicone pipe is likely to produce smoke beyond that of the herbs.

A flame to a glass pipe, like the Mav Steamroller, is not going to produce any extra smoke, and appropriately then, you’re pulling exactly what you expect to be pulling: smoke from your herbs. This makes for an overall healthier pull and healthier smoke experience, one in which you know exactly what you’re inhaling, as long you know exactly what you’re stuffing into your pipe.


Whenever you take anything into your body, you should make sure that it’s as clean as possible. Smoking is no different, and when smoking from your pipe, it’s important to make sure your pipe isn’t dirty, which of course means cleaning your pipe regularly.

As we know, even with cleaning dishes, glass really tends to hold up to abrasive cleaning methods more so than other materials. You can confidently clean a glass pipe and make sure that it’s spotless in fashions that might harm a pipe that’s made rather of silicone or wood.

Feeding into the previous point, being able to more confidently and more aggressively clean your pipe ensures that you’ll have a safer, healthier pull when you’re smoking.


A simple reason to opt for glass pipes, like the Marley Natural Spoon Pipe, is that they just look great. A lot of wood and silicone pipes look great too—don’t get us wrong—but there’s something about the purity of glass that draws us almost instinctively. Huge church stained glass windows have struck awe into people for millennia, and the twisting and morphing colors of beautiful, unique glass pipes give us a similar feeling of wonder.

Glass pipes are beautiful, and the art of glass blowing is so skillful and intimate. Truly, when you smoke from a glass pipe, you know that you’re appreciating a true piece of art. 

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